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Tilda. A script typeface by Jessica Hische

Tilda, a script typeface with size-specific styles and extensive OpenType layout features. Tilda Petite is optimized for smaller settings, while the details and proportions of Tilda Grande shine at large sizes.

Tilda is a script typeface with size-specific styles. Jessica Hische designed the typeface for Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom. Inspired by the director’s quaint aesthetic and the titles from Le Femme Infidéle (1969), Tilda comes formally dressed without shedding its raw, intentionally naïve side. Unusual for a script typeface, it comes in two optical styles, ensuring that its delicate qualities are maintained in big and small uses, on screen or in print.

Visit tilda.fontbureau.com.

License Tilda Petite & Grande.
➝ View Tilda’s PDF specimen.