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Hand lettering by Marina Chaccur.

Pumpkin spice and everything nice

The beginning of the holiday season reminds us of how lucky we are to do the work we love with people we love. And that cranberries are awesome.

Thanksgiving means different things to different people. For some, it brings the irresistible lure of 80% discounts during Black Friday sales. For others, this American holiday, and similar holidays around the world, are all about gathering with family, friends, and loved ones to spend quality time together. We at Type Network sit firmly in the latter category—our concept of family is fluid, and includes the incredible people we work with.

After years in the making, we are thankful for this year’s launch of Type Network, and our amazing family of foundry partners. Since we went live in June, our alliance has grown to include thirteen independent foundries:

CabargaType (Zavier Leslie Cabarga), Carter & Cone (Matthew Carter), CJ Type (CJ Dunn), DJR (David Jonathan Ross), Font Bureau (David Berlow, Roger Black, and company), Greg Thompson, Kontour (Sibylle Hagmann), Lipton Letter Design (Richard Lipton), Newlyn (Miles Newlyn), Occupant Fonts (Cyrus Highsmith), TYPETR (Petr van Blokland), Type-Ø-Tones (co-founded by Laura Meseguer and José Manuel “Josema” Urós), and Victoria Rushton.

Type Network Foundry Partners

Call us sentimental, but we love our type family

Our partners are gifted designers and innovators who are deeply involved in our community. They teach, lead workshops and speak at conferences, write extensively about type and design, and participate in type tech working groups. They share tools and techniques, and mentor the next generation of type designers. They are passionate about making great type and promoting excellence in design and typography.

We are thankful that other respected foundries will be joining the Type Network family in the coming months. They all bring something unique to the table, enriching and diversifying our catalog and increasing our community involvement and outreach. We choose carefully the people we want to bring into our alliance of foundry partners, and it’s gratifying to find so many talented designers who share our vision and ideals.

We are thankful for the people we work with behind the scenes. The visionaries on our leadership team keep us moving forward, urging us to push boundaries and do our best work. Our type design, production, quality assurance, and tools teams make sure our fonts not only look beautiful, but also perform flawlessly on all platforms and online. Our web design and development partners work continuously to improve and enhance the user experience on TypeNetwork.com. Our support, marketing, and editorial teams help us talk to our customers and our community—informing, educating, and entertaining. Together, we shape the future of Type Network.

We are thankful for our customers. We love helping designers find the right type for projects, and talking about our shared passion for type and design. Every time we see one of our fonts in use on a beautifully built website, in the editorial palette of a thought-provoking publication, or on a breathtaking wedding invitation, we glow. We love seeing unique typographic treatments, and are continually impressed by the inventive ways in which designers use type.

Now that we have six amazing months under our collective belts, we‘re gearing up to tell you more of our story: who we are, what we do, and the things we’re planning for the future. We will talk more about what our foundry partners our working on, and explore their personal stories; introduce our team, and share how we work together; and showcase more of our fonts in use along with project backstories and designer spotlights. We want to get to know you better, and for you to know more about us.

Thanks for being here for our beginning—we hope you’ll join us as we continue our journey. Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate the holiday, and warm wishes to the rest of our friends around the world. We’re signing off for a few days to eat way too much turkey and pumpkin-flavored everything!