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If you need me, I’ll be out in the garage

Occupant Press celebrates the release of Allium with a new print.

Releasing a typeface is often a team effort, especially at the end. Between all the proofing, technical minutiae, and details in marketing material, there are a lot of tiny moving parts to coordinate. These last weeks, Occupant Fonts and Type Network have been very busy putting the finishing touches on Allium.

Occupant Press has been pulling its weight also, in a way. In other words, whenever I’ve had a moment, I’ve been out in the garage/studio, working on some prints.

image of the press used by Occupant Press
Our press was handed down to us from Em Letterpress. We share a space with DotDotWorkshop.
image of the print wall at Occupant press showing protest signs, prints of cats, prints of letters, etc.
We print anything at Occupant Press—protest signs, posters, circles, cats, vehicles of all sorts, more circles…

Lately, I have been working on an etching press with styrofoam plates. I can cut and tear the plates as well as carve into them. It’s a combination of drawing and working with shapes that appeals very much to the sensibilities I’ve developed as a type designer.

image of one of the ‘g’ prints
The g in Allium is one of my favorite parts of the entire series. Of course, it has roots in the work of Edward Johnston.

My latest series is based on the g from Allium Medium. I printed a small edition onto a nice heavyweight paper. The size is approximately 11 × 15″ (28 × 38 cm).

The first ten paid licenses for the complete Allium family can receive a free copy of this print. Each print will be signed and numbered, and is suitable for framing. Please email info@typenetwork.com; be sure to include your order number and mailing address.