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Who says you can’t go home again?

Type Network is moving a few typefaces to make room for exciting news.

With the beginning of a new decade, it’s as good a time as any to assess and observe, taking the opportunity to reorganize and set goals for the next turns around the sun. This is also true at Type Network, as we prepare the house for what’s coming next. In this case we are quietly introducing a new foundry with a catalog of well-known favorites. With his history at Font Bureau designing dozens of typefaces, Tobias Frere-Jones has been a part of the family for a long time. We are now proud to welcome his foundry Frere-Jones Type to Type Network, and move many of Tobias’s designs from his Font Bureau years to his own label. Later, the more recent Frere-Jones Type releases will be here on Type Network.

Interstate FJT

Originally released in 1993, Interstate has stood the test of time. With 40 styles, ranging in weights from Hairline to Ultra Black and widths from Compressed to Regular, this versatile family is well-suited for a variety of settings, from user interface design to text to display. It has been used widely for branding, packaging, wayfinding, and editorial design.

FJT pairings

Other notable and much-loved typefaces in this collection include Nobel, Grand Central, Garage Gothic, Niagara, Griffith Gothic, and Hightower. The well-rounded library offers many possible options for pairings.


Above: Cafeteria, Epitaph, Pilsner, Asphalt, Citadel, Armada, Reiner Script, and Stereo

With these typefaces neatly set in their new home, we are already looking forward to the next additions to this library.

All Frere-Jones Type fonts can be licensed 24/7—for print, web, mobile apps, and ePubs. Webfonts may be tested for thirty days and desktop trials are available upon request. Have a licensing question? Get in touch. To stay current on all things Frere-Jones Type and Type Network, subscribe to Type Network News, our occasional newsletter featuring releases, foundry happenings, type and design events, and more.