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DJR launches DJR, names new font after cocktail

David Jonathan Ross first combined his drawing skills and an affinity for coding on the websites he built in middle school. It’s fitting, then, that a type family he developed for computer programmers is what ultimately inspired him to launch…

Typetr and partners launch Type Network

After some decades of publishing through Font Bureau, Petr van Blokland cofounded Type Network, exclusively publishing new typefaces under the name Typetr. Expect new families to be released on a regular basis and also educational blogposts about graphic design, typography…

Font Bureau and partners launch Type Network

Big changes are happening at Font Bureau. The independent type company is refocusing its brand and collaborating with new foundry partners on a major initiative. Together, they have launched Type Network.


Richard Lipton took off from an old bicycle logo and hasn’t stopped since, pushing the weights and fine details of a dynamic script to their limits. In a relaxed manner, of course.

Introducing Type Network: type for designers

Type Network is a new model for type design, development, and licensing built in response to the increasingly complex needs of type designers and type users.

Typeface overview

A quick visual overview of Lipton’s type designs from Type Network, Font Bureau, Bitstream and Adobe.

Canto poster

Rudolf Koch quote

Ari Inu Usagi

Occupant Press is excited to announce the publication of Cyrus Highsmith’s new children’s book from Japanese publisher Bunkeidou.

Type Thursday interview

Three Ways to Improve Your Italic Calligraphy

Daphne du Maurier

Book jacket calligraphy detail.

Fountain plaquette for Dutch Government Courtyard

This 90-cm-diameter slate & brass plaque was made to celebrate the donation of the fountain on the Government Courtyard in The Hague. It is currently under construction, so no real photos are available yet. The typography is made from two…

Basic math for designers

Most people function best with business as usual. Regular salary, vacation in a familiar place, television series with a predictable plot, church on Sundays, and a reserved spot in the restaurant. Change implies danger. With that attitude we’ve been able…