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The Type Designers’ Alliance

How Type Network evolved and why Occupant Fonts is a member.

Farnham makes the front page

Christian Schwartz expands his Fleischman-inspired family with a finessed set of styles for headlines.

Morisawa Type Design Competition call for submissions nearing its end

Japanese type powerhouse seeks innovative Latin and Kanji faces for its 2016 contest.

Font Bureau library now available exclusively on Type Network

Font Bureau’s move to exclusive retail distribution on Type Network is in keeping with its history as an independent type foundry collaborating with people passionate about type and design.

TM2016 The 5 questions

Each of the questions describes a practical case that you as (type) designer could find yourself in. As Master designer you should be able to handle it, even if the situation is new and the available information is incomplete. What…

Delaney sets the pace

Inspired by the jaunty flow of an Italian bicycle maker’s logo, Richard Lipton’s latest script promises a sweet ride.

Graduation Show - Turning Stones

Visit the final project of ten graduates of the master of Graphic Design from AKVI St.Joost. In 2014 a group of graphic design students started their master course at AKV|St.Joost. Two years have passed, and it’s now time for them…

Every typeface needs a story to tell

This idea has guided me throughout my career as a type designer. Usually, someone else handles the story part while I just deal with finding the right letter forms to fit that story. For Gasket, it was different.

Wow—that’s pretty neat!

Quite Type builds a hypnotic mini-site for Gasket.

A Leak-Proof Sans Serif

Occupant Fonts announces the release of Gasket!


With an overdose of academic autism, the design student has thought about it for months: the graduation subject. It is unclear exactly on which criteria such subject should judged, as long as it is as original as possible and especially…