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Bitcount Prop

This spacing variant contains glyphs as wide as they need to be (e.g. “m” and “M”), including their necessary spacing and kerning. The vertical metrics (accents, ascender, and descenders) is identical to the Mono variant.

Bitcount Grid

The absolute 5x7 pixel grid, makes this variant candidate for usage on led-displays, where the vertical amount of pixels is limited. With the cost of some accents being reduced to a single pixel, still the full glyph set is availabe…

Bitcount Mono

This variant can be used if there is vertical no limit (e.g. if the pixels are made from stickers, flower-pots or other elements) and if accents must be best readable. Basically the Mono glyphs are identical to the Grid in…

TYPO Labs comes into its own

The sophomore edition of TYPO Labs was even bigger and better than the first—and jam-packed with enough stimulating content to make your head spin.

Onions, Leeks, and Garlic

Allium, a new sans serif from Occupant Fonts, marks a change of pace

If you need me, I’ll be out in the garage

Occupant Press celebrates the release of Allium with a new print.

Kontour condenses Kopius

Sibylle Hagmann returns with a narrow riff on a quirky, good-natured serif face that stood out in 2016.

Zeitung is packed with utility

Zeitung offers everything a contemporary sans serif demands. Eight weights with italics, small caps and lots of OpenType features. When you count small caps as separate styles, whole family makes 64 styles. Sure, Zeitung knows the score.

Inside the fonts: grading Bennet

With Richard Lipton’s latest release, Bennet, you can now add text grades to your typographic arsenal. But what exactly are grades? Why use them?

TYPO Labs redux

TYPO Labs, the type and technology conference, will hold its second edition in Berlin next week. Marina Chaccur is one of the facilitators for the event, and David Berlow will take part in a panel on the business of OpenType…

Bring balance to your text with New Zen

New Zen, Newlyn’s fine-tuned new release, proves that rounded sans serifs aren’t just for kids.

36 Days of Type

A compelling online project inspired Type Network to dig through its extensive catalogue and look at letterforms from different angles.