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Monsieur P s’allia au sonneur…

Monsieur P s’allia au sonneur pour passer à l’échoppe réclamer ses envois, mais trouva dans son sillage un petit livre à moins de 5 euros (“Mister P joined the bell-ringer, to go to the shop to claim his shipments, but found in his wake a small book for less than 5 euros”) is a research publication made by students of the Ecole Supérieure d’Arts de Lorraine (ESAL) in Metz, France at the occasion of the 3rd Biennale Exemplaires in 2019.

This graphic design event is organized by thirteen schools across Belgium, Canada, and France, and aims to highlight remarkable francophone editorial publications. Each school has been working on a selection of six books published in the last five years, and developed a written reflection on it presented under the form of a publication.