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Livraison, the French contemporary art magazine, devoted a special issue (no. 13) to “Language and Typography” and it proved to be a captivating read. Edited by Vivien Philizot, it received contributions by language researchers and type-related people, albeit with a fresh approach. The list of contributors many typedesigners, including Thomas Huot-Marchand and Alejandro Lo Celso.

Huot-Marchand’s Minuscule (205TF) is shown in four overprinted a’s on the front cover; Perec (Alejandro Lo Celso, Pampa Type) was released around the time of this publication, and is paired with its playful sibling, Perec Ludique. It can be seen here in two of its styles: the chrome-like Perec Oncle Jacques Ombre and the boxed Perec Cubes.

The information on the cover is set in Gotham and Gotham Rounded (Hoefler & Co). Both are used throughout the magazine.